Saturday, February 10, 2007

(ongoing series) brief sketches of saturday sarcasm


Troubles at University Of Phoenix
(from the NYT. click on image for story.)

Wow, one could not have seen this coming.

Irresistible informational addendum: From the story --
The government measures graduation rates as the percentage of first-time undergraduates who obtain a degree within six years. On average across all American universities, the rate is 55 percent... The official rates at some University of Phoenix campuses are extremely low — 6 percent at the Southern California campus, 4 percent among online students — and he acknowledged extraordinary attrition among younger students.


Kieran said...

What percentage of U of P's student body is made up of first-time undergraduates, though? I have no idea, but I'd have guessed a very small number.

The model does seem pretty bad, though.

Anonymous said...

O.k., I agree with the snideness in general. But, I would imagine that most students at these types of places aren't full time either, so the completion rate is a *little* unfair. . .