Tuesday, February 06, 2007


off to los angeles!
(temperatures right now)

Off to Los Angeles Tuesday morning for a few days. I'm looking forward to the trip. Very busy getting ready, and unsure if I will blog while I am there. (Actually, it's not that I'm unsure, but more that I'm confident it will depend on my ever fickle sleep patterns. As ever, my insomnia is your gain.)


(iPod registration screen)

With this transcontinental trip on tap, I decided to replace the iPod that I lost. Readers may recall I lost it less than a week after buying it. I thought about running a "Jeremy's iPod Dead Pool" here on JFW, with a virtual kewpie doll prize for the person who comes closest to predicting when I would lose the new one, but decided that was too intrapsychically cynical. Besides, I didn't want to be deluged with entrants wanting to call dibs on which day of my trip I would lose it, or betting I would lose it between my apartment and the airport here ("Are you taking a cab there? I bet you will leave it in the cab. I still think that's what happened with the cel phone you lost last year.").


eszter said...

I definitely think you should consider it progress if you make it back to MA with your diePod.

brady said...

LA? Dude. Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch.

A+ said...

Is your thing with losing stuff some kind of subconscious punishment or something? Or have you always been lose-y?

Lucy said...

Maybe you should get a Wii-style strap to attach it to your wrist at all times.
Enjoy the warm weather :)