Wednesday, February 07, 2007

dispatch from los angeles

Extremely intermittent wireless connection here at my hotel. Spotty wireless is so much worse than no wireless, because when there is no wireless you don't wander around your hotel room and fiddle with the settings endlessly trying to pull in a better connection.

A celebrity-sighting on the flight would have been appropriate for a trip to Los Angeles, and, lo, there in first class was Danny DeVito. The plane was one of those 757s with a forward first class cabin, and I saw DeVito (or, to adopt the tabloid style, Danny) there as I was getting off the flight--the dark glasses cannot conceal his indiscreet shortness. Anyway, the flight attendant could see me looking at him as I was walking off the plane, and said "Thank you" in this tense and suspicious manner, like he was all primed to jump to intervene if I tried to rush into the first-class cabin: "Danny, Danny! You were so cute on The View!"

I saw Rhea Perlman at baggage claim. I didn't realize Rhea and Danny were still together. I didn't realize celebrity baggage didn't have its own carousel.

It was below zero with wind chill in Cambridge when I left Tuesday morning. It took about five minutes out in the sun outside the airport to see the appeal of Southern California.


brady said...

First time I went to LAX, I saw Billy Idol at the baggage claim looking leathery and jet-lagged. Last time I was at LAX, I saw Pauly Shore at the baggage claim, looking like he needed work.

The Goat said...

1) I saw Ice T once at Chicago O'Hare. He's a lot shorter than I thought.

2) If you room has a weak wireless connection, my guess is that the people working there know about it. If you call up the front desk and tell them, they could probably fix it. And by fixing it, I mean they would probably move you to another room or something.

3) Celebrity baggage does have its own carousel-- it's callled the E! channel (rim shot! Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week!)

Sarahliz said...

I rarely spot celebs. Probably this is because I don't actually recognize people (though I think I would have recognized Danny) and because I don't spend that much time in the right parts of town for it. I did see Richard Simmons at LAX once.
The weather is definitely a very good reason to move to LA.

A+ said...

Los Angeles is so daunting to me for some reason. The weather is nice, but there's something about it that makes me uneasy in ways that other cities do not. And this is speaking as someone who was born there. Anyway, I'm glad you like it there.

Anonymous said...

The sunshine is nice, but smog kills.

shakha said...

The first time I went to LA I fully expected to hate it. I didn't. The SECOND time I went to LA, I did. It reminded me of just how fat/hairy/balding/unattractive I am. I felt oh-so-unfabulous. Also, there was a dearth of good coffeeshops to hang out in. If you combine depression with a lack of good places to consume caffeine, you get a very unhappy Shamus. And I would never make enough money in LA to pay for the plastic surgery/physical trainer/electrolysis/plugs required to make me feel at home. Then again, Brady seems happy there. So maybe I'd find a way.

Anonymous said...

LA is what it is... i find if you just go with that it is a funny, wonderful place to be. Gotta love the weather.

Oh and I was on a flight to LAX where Ellen Degeneres did a bit of stand up routine using the microphone the flight attendants usually use. It was hilarious.


Teddy Love said...

My housemate has been boiling turkey parts for the past 24 hours. I was a vegetarian for a long time and still don't cook meat at home. I think I'm going to throw up.

Speaking of which, I worked in an upscale vegetarian restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC where I served Kyle McLachlan and Laura Dern (they were dating at the time...just after they worked together on Blue Velvet). Same restaurant, I once told Sam Shepard (that would be the actor/playwright) that the kitchen was closed and no, we couldn't serve him, when he came for lunch 5 minutes after the kitchen closed. This was the usual front-of-house-oh-you-bore-me-and-don't-think-you're-getting-special-treatment attitude that we applied to celebs. Did I mention that at the time, I had nurtured a massive crush on Sam Shepard, for many years? Sadly, even massive crush did not trump carefully crafted ennui.

Enjoy L.A.!!

Anonymous said...

"Traffic Pollution Decreases Lung Function in Children and Adolescents." In a prospective cohort study, exposure to pollution from freeway and local traffic adversely affected lung development in children aged 10 to 18 years.

J, good thing you're not between the ages 10 to 18!


A+ said...

Teddy, I'm jealous. I'm in love with Kyle McLachlan.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but none of your L.A. celebrity sightings beat out my close encounter with Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell on my flight to L.A. last year. Richard Simmons is darn close, though. JJ

Anonymous said...

Please. I can beat y'all. I once ran into Ron Jeremy at the airport in Iowa of all places.

Anonymous said...

I'll let you all into a little known secret - where do you think Mr. Ron 'Jeremy' got his lastname? Yes, that's right...our very own Jeremy, from Iowa!

(I will leave it to the readers to imagine why) ;-)