Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it should not take an hour for me to be able to use my research account to buy some stupid pens

(Pardon the expression of anguish.)

At least I was able to buy red and blue pens individually (my preferred colors for writing), without having to buy a bunch of creativity-stifling black pens along with them.

When I was an undergraduate and did more creative writing, I went through this period where I would only write on blue legal pads. Being the days before online shopping, it was not always easy to find blue legal pads, but they seemed as much a necessary condition of textual production as, say, knowledge of the word 'the.' I can't imagine writing on a blue legal pad now; I'm not sure I could even in some sort of prose emergency. (Besides, I don't really write on paper anymore anyway, I just have to have paper with me to work out sentences while I write on my computer.)


Jim said...

I've really been hoping that you would write a haiku for my academic haiku contest. I've read two of your short stories (1-page each as I recall) and was really impressed. Maybe now that you got your pens???

jeremy said...

I tried with the haiku when I first saw it but did not have any inspiration. Maybe when my pens arrive, though!

Anonymous said...

inspiration dead
lack of blue pens stifles thought
will he write again?