Sunday, March 19, 2006


Awhile back, I had a paper that I needed to work on and I procrastinated by reading a couple of self-helpish books on procrastination. This weekend, I have had a paper that I have needed to be working on and I've procrastinated by reading George Ainslie's Breakdown of Will, which is an academic book that provides a utility theory way of thinking about a variety of self-defeating behaviors, including procrastination.

Regardless, I'm otherwise having fun here in Madison. I had coffee the other day with someone who said I had "the best job in the world" because I was a tenured college professor at a school located in Madison. Which does make one wonder why I would have chosen to do a two-year leave that takes me somewhere else. Then again, it is Harvard, and my first time living outside the Midwest.


Anonymous said...

Tenure would have been a real asset to me Weds night when I was told "due to territory restructuring we are going to have to let you go".


astrid jane said...

You can always come home, Jeremy. You'd be just like the Prodigal Son. The Wisconsin Sociology department would slaughter a goat in your honor, as we always do when someone comes back from extended leave. As the feted guest, you'd get to eat its liver.