Thursday, March 23, 2006

the s.o.a.p. opera continues!

(Yes! The official Snakes on a Plane logo!)

A reader from Iowa City, IA just e-mailed me the following:
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the fan-based underground support for Snakes on a Plane has become so great that the filmmakers are now doing a reshoot to include more action sequences... as well as calling Samuel L. Jackson back in so he can actually say in the movie "snakes on a motherfucking plane."

This could very well end up the greatest movie ever made by anyone, ever.
Here is a news story about it. I am so excited. I am thinking about blocking two days off my schedule so I can see it repeatedly (and, hopefully, attend discussion groups) the weekend it opens.


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jeremy said...

I don't normally give A-pluses, but I think one might be warranted here.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Now that's giving the people what they want.

Anonymous said...

sounds like part of a question from some nightmare 'zoology meets geometry' exam

captain crab said...

PJ doesn't quite understand your fascination with SoaP. In fact, I think she's quite worried about you. I tried to tell her that it's just a faze that you are going through.

The "oh my god, I'm 35 and my life is over" thing.

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Tom Volscho said...

What is the attraction to "Snakes on a Plane"? So a broad cross-section of people including social scientists are being drawn to this film or is it a cartoon? Wilkpedia says it is the product of an internet meme.

"Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) and Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips), FBI agents, escort John Saunders (Mark Houghton), a former mafia member to testify in a highly publicized case. In the course of a flight between Hawaii and California, an assassin releases hundreds of poisonous snakes in the hope of killing the witness."

Now I have to see it although I did once think of this idea of releasing snakes on someone in a car b/c I think I originally got the idea from an episode of CHIPS where Ponch or Jon is in a car that loses its brakes and has to pilot it down a highway to safety all while a deadly rattlesnake is attempting to bite him.

Tom Volscho said...

OK, maybe this was a related version

"...The next day, Ponch and Jon chase after a van that clipped the door off of a fat guy's station wagon. The van flips over and the guy screams for help...because the van is filled with snakes! Baricza and Fritz show up and break the windshield while Ponch and Jon freeze the snakes with the CO2 fire extinguishers. After the bus is reported stolen again at the briefing, Fritz spots it. Ponch, Jon, and Fritz manage to pull over the old guy driving it."

captain crab said...

A real CHIPS fan! Fantastic! It's too bad that Ponch never got to say " snakes".