Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dispatch from princeton

I'm writing this from the Acela train, where I am on my way to New Jersey (to Princeton to see a friend today [Tuesday], then over to Rutgers where I will be giving a talk on Thursday). I absolutely love traveling by train. But, anyway, I departed from South Station in Boston, which was also having some kind of job fair. I walked around and made a list of the exhibitors:
Securitas Security Services
Blockbuster Video (handing out pens and popcorn)
Ameriprise Financial (no one there, no indication of what they do)
Transportation Security Screeners
Peter Pan Bus Lines
Labor Ready (slogan: "dependable temporary labor")
Massachusetts National Guard
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership
Anyway, and not to get sappy, but walking around and thinking about these various jobs had the salutary effect of reminding me how ridiculously fortunate I am. It's amazing how one can have such a cushy set of gigs and still find ways of focusing one's cognitive-emotional energy on the points of complaint.

Later: I'm uploading this post from the guest bedroom of a friend. I had Thomas Sweet swiss chocolate malt ice cream with Reese's Pieces blend-in. Life, in short, is good, even if a bug (not mine) did cost me like 10-15 hours of work on analyses for this not-especially-close-to-finished talk.


Anonymous said...

I walked around a job fair at ICCC yesterday. My impression was that if you weren't going into health care, law enforcement or the armed services, you were screwed. Oh, there was one seed corn company represented.
I'ts not that you're so fortunate, but that you were born with an amazing intellect and enough common sense to get the hell out of Dodge.

captain crab said...

Job fair? Where?

Anonymous said...

south station, boston

Anonymous said...

"born with an amazing intellect and enough common sense to get the hell out of Dodge"

Yeah, that's what I would call fortunate.

islander said...

Ah, the acela! My kingdom to get back east!

captain crab said...

Peter Pan Buslines sounds like an interesting place to work!

jeremy said...

PJ: thanks

CC: I think Peter Pan bus lines would be an interesting place to work, as well, except that I would be continually worried that one day there would be a bomb on the bus and I'd have to pine for Keanu Reeves to come save me.

eszter said...

T-Sweet's blend-ins, YAY!!