Thursday, March 16, 2006

(madison) dead and disconnected

I am back in Madison for a few days. I brought my cel phone, and my cel phone charger, but not this little piece that my cel phone charger needs to actually plug into my cel phone. The phone is already completely dead. Because there are only like ten people in the world who have my cel phone (Audiovox VX6600), it's not like I can just go out and buy a replacement charger. Meanwhile, various people (including, perhaps, you) have wondered why I haven't returned your birthday greeting or other phone call. So, well, that's why. This is going to be awful for various visits with people I'm trying to coordinate while I'm here, especially one of the places I'm staying is the vacant apartment of a friend (long story) who has been trying to find a sublessor for a few months and has discontinued their phone service there.

BTW, my birthday ended up being fun, and I'm all excited to be thirty-five now. Woo-hoo! Only when I got out of the burdensome "18-34 demographic" did my life truly begin!


Sara said...

We have much more fun in this demographic. It's much less angsty. Welcome.

Anonymous said...

... and the demographic is 35 to what?
(Shame that you had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.)


nina said...

In your aged state, I hope you are enjoying the use of a car out here in the Midwest, with all that snow. I feel for you -- hard to move around without it.

Oscar Madison said...

I guess those people with whom you're trying to coordinate don't read your blog. Too bad -- you could use the comments function to finalize plans.