Sunday, March 12, 2006

can i be in your band? i can't sing or play any instruments, but i could carry your amps and provide civil liberties insights

Seen taped to pole during my walk to the CVS for Coke Zero this morning:

Speaking of the urge to "educate," here was an excerpt from a NYT Magazine story this morning about Mark Warner, the Virginia governor who is trying to save me from having to suffer through endless hand-wringing and/or "outraged" analyses of why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lost in November 2008:
Warner may have glimpsed a piece of his future when he attended a dinner of wealthy Democrats last summer... Warner made some introductory comments about "the Virginia story," but the first several questions were not about taxes or schools or health care, but about gay marriage (which he's against), the death penalty (which he's for) and abortion (he's in favor of parental notification but vetoed a bill banning all late-term abortions). Warner thought his liberal guests would be interested in his policies to improve Virginia schools and raise the standard of living in rural areas; instead, it seemed to him, they thought that they understood poverty and race in an intellectual way that he, as a red-state governor, could not. Like a lot of politicians, Warner can be snappish when he feels he isn't being heard, and the dialogue quickly grew testy.

At the end of the evening, according to people who were there, as some of the guests walked Warner to his car, one woman vowed to educate him on abortion rights. That was all he could take. "This is why America hates Democrats," a frustrated Warner blurted out before driving away.

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