Sunday, April 30, 2006

i mean, if your plan is to only do this once, you ought to try to be creative about it

Next weekend, I will be attending a wedding for which I thought the invitations were exquisitely well-designed. Today, however, I received what wins my so-far-all-time award for wedding invitation design. The envelope is above. Note the nice touch of using blue to dot the i in Cambridge.

To attend this second wedding, I am passing up a trip to Scotland. While I never thought of skipping the wedding for Scotland, my conviction that I made the right choice increased even more when I heard that the wedding will feature a number of nuptual-style-innovations, including the groom's wearing a monocle.

(Incidentally, the above address works for any gifts you might wish to send me. But, if you are in Cambridge, don't, um, just stop by.)


Simpleton said...

I overheard someone describe my invitations as "black with an eagle on them," which sounds totally patriotic-Harley Davidson and not at all how I intended my very brown eagle-free invitations to look, so I'm glad you liked it and even gladder you're coming (Scotland!), though this post does not count as your official reply. (And I'll mention also that the best response cards will be framed. No pressure.)

jeremy said...

You should have said something before I put the response card in the mail!

Simpleton said...

You want a 2nd chance?

jeremy said...

Yes, although if I end up not doing the second one, you do already have my first actually RSVP'ing yes.