Monday, April 17, 2006

taxes, done

Correctly, I hope. TurboTax and the two-state situation ended up producing a return that was more complicated for my simple financial life (e.g., still just the standard deduction) than what I am used to. I do not want to go to jail. I want to pass Go. I want to collect my $200.

Incidentally, there was no crowd at the post office, perhaps because today is a state holiday (Patriot's Day), and thus taxes are apparently not due here until tomorrow. I didn't figure the Patriot's Day excuse would work with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, however.

I did not go to the marathon today. I did have some people yell at me when I was running, something like "Dude, the race starts tomorrow!" and I shouted back "I know, I'm in it! I'll probably pull an all-nighter cramming for it!" I consider myself an honest person, but those who yell at jogging passersby forfeit all rights to the truth. (That said, the most common thing passersby yell at me, given that I am still usually jogging in my bright-gold Iowa sweatshirt, is "Go Hawks!", in response to which I do the in-then-up arm motion I associate with cheerleaders and shout back, "Go Hawks!")


Anonymous said...

If I had a blog of my very own (That's not going to happen. Not ever.) I would write a post about the weird directives for souvenirs from my upcoming trip that you gave me last night. I'm still stumped. Perhaps you could blog about it and your readers could give me some suggestions. Otherwise you might end up with a statue of the Eiffel Tower.

Anonymous said...

As though the marathon were all ... you didn't see Dawes ride through Harvard Square yesterday on his way to Lexington/Concord?

You didn't jog to Lexington Green to see the first battle of the Revolutionary War reenacted? And see the little British pup tents pitched along the battle road?