Saturday, April 01, 2006

freese family east

Someone from back in my rural Iowa 'hood e-mailed in response to my post that my sister was visiting. Since I didn't specify which sister was visiting, he wrote: "If it's [Sister A], say hi for me. If it's [Sister B], say hi for me. If it's [Sister C], good luck and say hi for me." [Sister C] is a handful in more ways than the present collective storage capacity of the World Wide Web would permit me to enumerate. [Sister A] is the one who is visiting.

One thing about the Freeses, we have high hydration and morning-motivation needs. My sister started the morning with a 20 ounce Diet Mountain Dew. Then I took her to the Starbucks near where I live so she could get both a Venti and Grande coffee.

Yesterday, among other things, we went on the Boston's famous Duck Tour, which uses a World War II amphibious vehicle to drive around Boston and into the Charles River. Our Duck was lavender, and our tour guide was dressed in lavender tie dye and had an ID badge that identified him by the name "Groovy." Later, I took my 46-year-old sister down to the Boston Harbor and we walked around, which was her first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean from any place other than Florida.


Teddy Love said...

((waving an enthusiastic hello to Jeremy and Sister A)) In a somewhat related note, tomorrow I'll be staring at the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in a) four years and b) from Florida. It is interesting to note as well that tomorrow I'll be flying for the first time ever without a briefcase full of work (in case you're wondering, yes, I've flown a lot but never for a "vacation" and no, I haven't had a vacation in 23 years or so. I did just find out that attending a conference does not count as a vacation). Bon voyage and bon chance to me :)

Anonymous said...

Just don't show any graphs and things should go well.

Starbucks!? THAT'S sightseeing?

Did you show her the Schon ducklings in Boston Garden? Have tea at the Ritz? (can get Mountain Dew there, too...).

And the historic spot where the 'spreading chestnut' stood and JF became a 1st rate ss writer?