Wednesday, April 12, 2006


(my parents, Xmas 2004; my father made the card himself, but the cash he got from a store)

My parents' 53rd anniversary was today. According to familial lore, my parents would have married earlier, but my mother's father said she had to wait until she turned 17, which is why their anniversary is two days after her birthday.

I talked to my mother this evening. The highlight:
"He gave you a present he found in a dumpster?"
"By a dumpster."
"For your anniversary, something he found by a dumpster?"
"No, for my birthday."
My mother had trouble describing it exactly, but the words "giant" and "planter" and "terra cotta" were used.


astrid jane said...

Did he wash it off and wrap it, at least?

On an unrelated note....why am i still in the "seemingly fallen travelers" section of your blog? I publish long posts 2 or 3 times a month. Is that not enough? I try and try to gain your approval, and still, nothing....

jeremy said...

jab: I had thought that I had already moved you out of the fallen travellers group. The error has been rectified.

Anonymous said...

Did he find it _in_ a dumpster or _by_ a dumpster?