Thursday, April 13, 2006

sociology and blogs

After the despair and cyber-soul-searching caused by the closing of Pub Sociology, the fortunes of sociology blogging have brightened up:

1. Kim and Drek have been doing some guest posting over on Marginal Utility, reversing the usual pattern where economists invade sociologists turf.

2. Mike Shanahan is now blogging from North Carolina, opening up a much needed Southern Front in the cause of increasing the presence of blogs in the discipline. Mike increases the count of uncloseted-tenured-sociology-professors-who-blog-regularly to, what, three? (me, Mike, Chris)

3. j autumn's blog is now occasionally posting, so she's off my "Seemingly Fallen Travelers" sidebar blog graveyard list.

In a less happy development, someone appears to have started a carnal sociology blog, but doesn't appear to be going to keep with it. Which is too bad, as I would have liked the opportunity to read more about carnal sociology in a bloggerly format.


carly said...

You may need to move "carly and rich" down to the inactive list fairly soon. I've refused to add anything to the collaborative blog until Rich adds something, and meanwhile he says he's too busy.

Adventures in Confusion is alive and thriving, though, if not particularly interesting ;-)

brady said...

You know, I think it was fear of getting put on the "seemingly..." list that got me motivated to post again.

That's kind of pathetic, now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to the likes of plates full of bacon and surly journal reviewers on this blog??

astrid jane said...

Thanks professor Free-ce!

Anonymous said...

RE #2: Deflem has tenure, I think. And he's in South Carolina.

jeremy said...

(From Storrs)

Carly: I'll change the sidebar to reflect Rich's blog-slacking.

Brady: The fear of being "seemingly fallen" can be a powerful motivator.

Anon, 7:23: I am well aware that aging and the move to Cambridge has made me less amusing and ebullient, but thanks.

jab: I suspect you have little appreciation of what it's like to live a life of chronic surname mispronunciation.

Anon, 9:13: Deflem has a blog but does not count by my standards as blogging regularly.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Blah blah surname mispronunciation. Not only do people mispronounce my surname, but when I'm at a restaurant where they ask for your first name for when your order is ready, I have a split second to decide if I should a) give them my real name and just let them mangle it, b) give them my real name and put in the effort to try to get them to pronunce it right, despite the fact that I will probably never see them again, or c) give a fake name and hope I remember it when they call it out.

Probably no one will ever top the hematology receptionist who thought my name was Cannabelle Gotham, though. Jesus.