Saturday, September 10, 2005

(requiem) good blogs never die. they just get replaced by something weird posted by somebody else.

Martine (notice: no link) recently decided to quit blogging and take down her own blog, mostly so she would have more time to comment on my blog and to make mental health recommendations to Dorotha on hers. Not to mention training for her quixotic quest to make the United States KYSO team for the next Olympics. And, yet, the blogosphere does let everyone leave on their own terms, especally those who commandeer blog addresses like "" that are clearly going to be coveted by countless and creepy others. So Martine (notice: no link) was forced to send the following to all her known former readers today:
for those who read my blog, just wanted to let you know that my 
blog is no longer really my blog. i deleted my blog.
now you'll find a post from "bob" entitled "cute young teen girls".
just so you know, the "cute young teen girls" post is 
not a cry for help or one of those, "wow, i really thought i
knew martine and it turns out i was completely wrong" kind of
moments or a very vague way of discussing my real life (though
now i'm starting to see how it could masterfully be so and i'm
quite impressed with it all).
For the record, I'm sad Martine (notice: no link) has given up her blog. And, even though another blog has spouted in its place, you'll understand if I don't think it passes the magical Martine muster. So I will be moving her to the deceased blog section of my sidebar the next time I update it.


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

You know, the first time I had, it got hijacked by pornographers when the registration expired. It took me three years to get it back.

(And if you ever find that your access to my blog is blocked from some location like a school or a library, it's because the domain is still on the XXX black list.)

jeremy said...

Hmm, I wonder which domain name is a more obvious fit for being taken over by pornographers: or And I wonder if Martine is going to have trouble getting into libraries or schools as a result of this.

Gil said...

About two years ago, Waunakee was gripped by scandal when some German porn site appeared where Waunakee Utilities used to be. A bunch of unsuspecting people went to check the site looking for electricians and found naked Germans. Apparently, the good folks at Utilities had decided not to renew their address. But the host kicked off the porn site and they changed their mind and bought the URL back.

Because I'm sure you wanted to know.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Ha! Basically, the porn sites just like to take over sites that had previously generated traffic, assuming for some reason that they're going to get walk-in customers that way, I guess. I guess there would probably be more cross-over between the electrician and porn markets than between readers of my blog and... well, there are more people looking for electricians than ever read my blog, anyway.