Sunday, September 18, 2005

jeremy, weren't you bowled over at how classy and cultured manhattan was compared to the midwestern cesspools where you've lived?

(My perambulations around Manhattan would suggest that this is apparently a strong contender for the #2 best selling T-shirt at tourist vendors around the city, right after I [heart] NY.)


Anonymous said...

have you started carrying some sort of satchel? is that your digital camera bag? just curious. it has been so prominent in the last few pictures that i expected it to appear in the room service photo.

jeremy said...

As much stuff as I often lug around in my pockets, it often gets too much even for me when I travel, and so I'll carry my digital camera, etc., in a small man-pursish bag.

the Crab said...

I can relate to carrying a man-purse while traveling. Women aren't the only ones that have to carry stuff around. It also gives my wife and daughter something to harass me about.