Monday, September 26, 2005

okay, either somebody 'borrowed' my copy of kavalier and clay and didn't return it, or the movers lost a box of my books

Either way, I'm annoyed. And I want justice, preferably of the medieval vigilante variety.


Anonymous said...

Annoyed? Even though it takes you forever to return things you borrow? I 'borrowed' kavalier and clay and word freak and will now hold on to them since I fear for my life.
~ definitely anonymous

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to LDM?

jeremy said...

Oops, okay, I feel chastened. I wrote the post both while in a more general snit and while thinking that the more likely scenario was that the movers had lost a box of books, since they were incompetent and it feels like I have fewer books on my shelves than I did before. In any case, one might think the comment would jog my memory about having lent K&C and WF to someone and so I would know who "definitely anonymous" is, but I don't.

I don't know if LDM reads my blog or not. He turned out to be a guy in Kentucky, and also the person Goesh who sometimes comments on various sociology blogs.

Anonymous said...

something tells me "definitely anonymous" breathed a sigh of relief.
~ nlc

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Blame everybody first.