Friday, November 28, 2003

wow, relevant sociology

Devah Pager is currently being cited on the stump by Howard Dean:
"Today in America, you have a better chance of being called back for a job interview if you're white with a criminal record than you do if you're black with a clean record—never having been arrested or convicted. Institutional racism exists in this country not because institutions are run by bigots or racists, but because of our unconscious bias towards hiring people just like ourselves. "

Update: The American Sociological Association website has its own blurb about this, which I would link to if I hadn't already closed the window and the site weren't so abysmally slow this morning, with the following quote: "Pager's findings have now taken off like "wide fire" in the national political arena. And, a mere five days later, during the Sept. 9 debate among the democratic presidential hopefuls, the debate moderator posed a question about the Northwestern University sociologist's research." Um, "wide fire"?

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