Thursday, November 06, 2003

another way to make paul allen richer...

From a loyal reader in Middle Sandusky, OH:
i was so excited about getting my NFL visa card that when i called up to

apply for it, i had forgotten to pick out which team i wanted. so when
the customer service person asked me what team i wanted on the card, i
panicked. i asked her to give me a minute. she said to take my time, but
that if it were her, she would have picked the dallas cowboys. dallas,
huh?, i said. i didn't want them, and i didn't want the NFL shield. i
had to pick a team!!! since i have no favorite team, this was a hard
decision. and suddenly, the clouds parted and the seattle seahawks came
to my mind. yes, i would pick them. amy and i loved seattle. we want to
be there. i love the uniforms (can you believe that?) and the stadium.
later, when i told [my wife], she responded by saying, "i hate birds"...

The thing is, his wife really does really hate birds.

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