Thursday, November 06, 2003

'hey teacher' goes on mandatory tour, coming to a choral hall near you!

Same friend, class, and student as all the past "hey teacher" episodes on this weblog. Once this instant messenger way of talking becomes so commonplace as to be institutionalized in dictionaries, the whole world of Scrabble will be shaken to its foundations.
hey, thanks for seeing me yesterday, even though i was frantically babbling...haha..but i forgot to tell you that on november 16-18 i will be on a mandatory touring with the mens chorus here and it is part of my grade. i meant to tell u on yesterday and even in class today but was not thinking of it till on the 16-18 i will be touring and wont b n class, i have the notes form the days i missed and i am also getting the videos this evening to watch and take notes from that. so thats all for now...i will see u next week

you already had the cookies, you FINALLY found the milk,...GOT JESUS???

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