Saturday, November 15, 2003

treadmill update

Okay, so I have purchased a pricey piece of exercise equipment. So now we will have a period of suspense while waiting for the answer to this question: Will I actually use it, or will it sit unused as an monument of my laziness? Readers are free to make bets amongst themselves. Here on the weblog, I will be keeping track of how many hours I have used the treadmill, so we can keep track of how much I paid for each treadmill-hour of actual use.

The treadmill cost me about $600 with delivery (retail price: $800). If I use the treadmill more than 60 hours, meaning that the per-hour cost is under $10, I am going to consider that a victory (you may perhaps believe that I should be setting a higher standard, but you can keep that sentiment to yourself). Today I was on the treadmill for the first time and for 45 minutes, so that's my cumulative use to date. Meaning that, so far, my purchase as amounted to the same thing as renting the treadmill at a rate of $800/hour, but it will only become more of a bargain each time I step on it.

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