Tuesday, November 04, 2003

wouldn't you like to be a bright, too?

Update to the post below: A self-proclaimed Bright from Madison, WI has sent me the URL for a location where you can buy your very own I'm A Bright T-Shirt.
A reader from Ithaca, NY got me reading a website devoted to a social movement called the Brights, which I had not heard of before despite my casual tracking of some of the individuals who the website identifies as "enthusiastic brights". Here is some of their manifesto:
A bright is defined as a person whose worldview is naturalistic (free of supernatural and mystical elements). There are lots and lots and lots of persons who have such a worldview. They are different in many ways, but they share a common outlook on the world, one free of supernaturalism.

Of course, not all these brights know they are brights, since this terminology has only recently been introduced.

In many societies in the world, potential brights maintain a low profile regarding their worldview. All too many of them just don't mention their outlook to others, and and hence the worldview of brights is insufficiently expressed within a given culture.

The Brights Movement is an endeavor to unite brights under the umbrella of a common name.... The primary focus of the Brights Movement is the marginalized situation of brights in the political and cultural landscape of society.

Today's brights are all too invisible. They are ignored by most and their philosophical perspectives are disparaged by many. Unlike their fellow citizens whose worldviews are more culturally accepted, all too many brights are reluctant to engage themselves fully and openly in civic concerns and the business of the nation.

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