Saturday, September 15, 2007

my diploma is all boxed up and ready to drop in the mail

My Hawkeyes are losing to Iowa State 12-0 at halftime. The same Iowa State that was schooled last week by the University of Northern Iowa, and the week before that by Kent State.

Plus we blew an opportunity just before the half due to poor clock management. As much as I believe in Hawkeye coach Kirk Ferentz, I am amazed that someone who makes $2.7 million as a football coach chronically handles end-of-game situation. The Hawkeyes greatest and most exciting victory in recent years, in fact, resulted from the team managing the clock in so badly at the end of the game that it confused the opposing defense.

I'm glad we don't have to play Michigan this year, as I don't think we would beat them.

BTW, I used to not have anything against Iowa State, and would root for them against anyone other than my Hawkeyes. After all, the state between two rivers is sufficiently small and belittled by outsiders that we have to stick together. Then I realized that the was no way the state of Iowa could support two quality BCS football programs when states like Ohio only have one. Thus my magnamity was gutted by demography. The Hawkeyes and Cyclones are like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, while they are intertwined by a common blood of funding, one must die for the other to live. I would be all for a merger, giving Iowa State basketball while Iowa gets football. So long as the resulting program plays in the Big 10 and doesn't use that godawful cardinal color.


travis ballstadt said...

I'm convinced that the reason the Hawks lost was the high ticket prices. That had to be the reason. It's all the Hawks were complaining about all week long.

Go Clones!

The Goat said...

doesn't Ohio have Ohio State as well as Ohio? Is one of those not a BCS team? Sigh. I know so little about sports.

Anonymous said...

Ohio U, Bowling Green, Kent State, and Miami University (all of the state of Ohio) all play in the Mid-American Conference (MAC). I suspect the MAC -- a "mid major" Division I league -- is not part of the BCS series.

Anonymous said...

Michigan stinks this year. You should want to play them.

You don't want to play Wisconsin or Penn State.