Friday, September 28, 2007

carpe podium

WSJ article on "Last Lecture Series," in which professors are asked to deliver a lecture as if hypothetically it was the last one they would ever give, with a story about a public lecture by a professor for whom the Last Lecture was not hypothetical [HT:RPS].


sara said...

Since watching this (and weeping), I have (predictably) been thinking about what I might include in my Last Lecture. I am extremely grateful that I don't need to write this now. Rather, and related to the theme of attaining ones life goals, I trying to focus on my First Book.

kristina b said...

this is at least the 3rd time i've seen this story posted somewhere, if not the fourth or fifth. i have been actively avoiding it until just now, because i knew i'd cry. and i did.

btw, nice title.