Wednesday, September 05, 2007


  • I am writing this from the Whole Foods that is immediately next to my apartment in Evanston. I am going to average one meal a day here for the foreseeable future.
  • My apartment is absolutely lovely. Too bad it is too large for my needs and way too expensive for what I can spend on rent without getting nauseous.
  • The renovations on my office were going to be done by the time I arrive--the thinking was they might be done before my arrival back when I was thinking I would come at the beginning of August rather than September. When I walked into my office, one of the windows was hanging diagonally outside its frame. I'm not sure when it will be fully operational.
  • Because I went through Northwestern's preferred mover for the stuff in Madison rather than just trying to find two people and a van, my 37 boxes are going to get loaded three times (office -> small local truck -> big truck -> small local truck -> office), will take a week or more to arrive, and will cost several times as much. I'm still amazed at how long it took me to pack my Madison office, but it was a useful exercise both for the purging and for the intellectual taking-stock that was involved.
  • I'm feeling both happy and enthusiastic.


Ang said...

I totally lived next to that Whole Foods when I liked in Evanston!

And don't worry about the size of the place. The gang'n I will take a trip and rock the place down.

(I'm joking about that last part. But I really did live next to the Whole Foods on Sherman.)

Lucy said...

Yay for happy and enthusiastic! I'm glad you're feeling good about your new home. :)

jessica said...

Welcome to your new home, Jeremy!

eszter said...

Since you're not answering your phone, I thought I'd try this more reliable method of communication. Where are you, I'm ready to head out to Targé. And I want to see your place.

Anonymous said...

You're next to the Whole Foods? Awesome! Makes Evanston a little more worth visiting... Fabio

eszter said...

UPDATE: The view from Jeremy's place is AWESOME!!

dorotha said...

i hear the view from higher floors is better.

Jamy said...

Sounds great. There's not even a grocery store within a mile of my place, so I'm jealous.

Hope you find a roommate soon.