Monday, December 25, 2006

xmas dispatch from the freese family farm

wide shot in field
(me, out back)

I am sitting here on Xmas morning watching Live With Regis and Whatever Her Name Is. I am doing this because I believe that, as a reminder of the true reason for the season, I should start of Xmas morning with a glimpse of what hell might be like. (Kidding. While my personal spiritual beliefs are not a matter for discussion on this blog, I will say that if I did believe there was a hell that featured morning television playing in an eternal loop for the damned, it would not be this show but rather The View.)

The trip back to the farm has been fun. I spent some time yesterday scouting the area from the top of my dad's old sheep trailer:

on trailer

I spent time with my great niece:

with delani

And, because I have learned that keys to psychologically successful trips home are preparation and assertiveness, I made sure I had appropriate dress for playing the role of adjudicator should any disputes of protocol break out as the family was opening presents:


Merry Xmas, all!


captain crab said...

Why the "deviish" look? Eldon and Faye look good!

jeremy said...

Not sure why the devilish look, other than that I am shockingly unphotogenic and prone to red eye. The sister in the photo is Sister A, not sister Faye.

Tom Bozzo said...

When you say "great niece," is that as in "niece who is a really good kid" or "granchild of a much older sibling"?

jeremy said...

Grandchild of older sibling. I was an uncle four times by the age of seven, so I'm actually behind demographic expectations in only having one great niece/nephew at this point.

Winston said...

Somehow I always pictured you as a referee. A Merry Merry to you.

eszter said...

Great post, made me LOL more than once!

Uhm, so to be able to comment on something like The View, wouldn't you have had to have spent some time actually watching it? And so what's the background on that?

That is just not true that you are not photogenic. Look at that photo of you and your great niece. You're both totally adorable on it! And this photo, my friend, even made it onto my year-in-review photo collage. Your hard copy is in the mail.

eszter said...

Ooops, forgot my question: Did you stretch your arms on that photo on the farm so we'd find you?:)

Lucy said...

Merry Christmas! :)

captain crab said...

Sorry about the Sister confusion!