Wednesday, December 20, 2006

strange mishap, or sociology job market saboteur!

I'm still in Madison, about to embark on an evening of egregious violation of established wisdom about designing social surveys. Ah, the damage deadlines do to science, especially in combination with competing obligations and indefatigable procrastination.

Anyway, the secretary for my program at Harvard sent me the following e-mail today:
Jeremy, the U.S. Postal Service returned a recommendation letter for  
[name] to [university] today. The letter was torn in half and the
return address was showing. It came in a plastic bag. I'll leave it in
your mailbox, but wanted you to know the receipient didn't receive it,
in case there is a deadline.
Indeed, there was a deadline. This is regarding a letter I sent over a month ago. Clearly, someone with some serious postal connections is trying to thwart the power of my prose.

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