Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006: the year in review

Really, the world moves so much faster nowadays that what used to be a year is really only two months, max.
November 4: Jeremy Freese writes a blog post that makes reference to the Notre Dame sociology department.

November 7: Dan Myers, chair of Notre Dame sociology department, learns of post, comments on it.

November 9: Dan Myers starts "whitecards" online discussion group.

November 14: Dan Myers starts blog.

November 18: Dan Myers follows four fairly staid "public sociology" style posts with post about soft drink cans, and the slippery slope toward Wisconsin School-style blogging is begun.

December 14: Dan Myers writes anniversary post (which, given the speed of the blogosphere, are indeed properly measured in months rather than annums), in which he notes having posted 37 times in his first month.

December 30: Dan Myers admits blogging addiction, posts photos of himself with custom-made bloggerwear.
Goal for 2007: Contribute to setting three more chairs and a provost on the path to blog addiction.

Consistent with it being the end of the year, I've been in a nostalgic mood, although not necessarily for this year per se. One great thing about blogging is that after awhile the posts combine into a kind of record that is sort of like a prose scrapbook (indeed, blogging is a lot more like scrapbooking* than I think myself or many other grown-up academic disdain-for-scrapbooking types would ever care to admit). For example, I was thinking about this post earlier, which now has a certain quaintness to it.

More pertinently, though, I had an exchange with Emily today about this episode before I started my blog, where she had her friend Henry draw a comic for her birthday based on an e-mail I sent her. This, I don't want to lose, so I'm putting it in the scrapbook here (readable size here.**):


* I went out some years ago with a woman who gave me a tour of her scrapbooks on our second date. Suffice it to say there was no third date.

** Sometimes I think I should beg Henry to update the drawing of me that is featured on the top of my sidebar. Other times, I think I should beg him to make a drawing of a rendition of an even younger me than my current sidebar drawing.


Anonymous said...

Ok - I need a life...I just had to read that comic. Now I cannot stop thinking about the line about students remembering the stories more than anything else. Should we milk this for all it is worth?? Hmmmmmm new way to teach next semester, campfire chat.

Lucy said...

Awesome comic :) The fourth panel would make a good header image. You look very boy detective-ish.

I like the idea of blog-as-scrapbook.
What does your first footnote say about the idea of dating bloggers, though?

jeremy said...

While I do not as a rule give dating advice to the masses via this blog, I would advise against pulling out the laptop on a second date and regaling the person with highlights from one's blog archives.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't advise bringing up the blog until fiance status has been achieved! Even then, it could be a deal breaker!

Thanks for the awesome plug! I blogged you back....