Monday, December 04, 2006

dispatch from ann arbor

dale (driver from dtw to ann arbor)
(dale, who drove me from the detroit airport to ann arbor)

I am still someone who feels a non-teensy thrill whenever he arrives at an airport and a professional driver is there, in a coat and tie, holding up a sign for me (just like I was someone important!). Presumably, if I stay in this business long enough, one of two things will happen:
1. I will experience this a sufficient number of times that I will no longer feel this thrill.

2. I will phase out of ever getting invitations anywhere that would ever go to the trouble or expense of arranging this for me.
Either eventuality I would prefer to postpone as long as possible.

It was snowing a bit on the drive from Detroit to Ann Arbor, my first experience with snow this season (talk about another eventuality I was preferring to postpone as long as possible). It's quite cold here. Still, as we were driving into town, I was reminded of how much I adore Ann Arbor. (I've been here several different summers as part of their social science stats camp.) Ann Arbor is a lot like Madison, only a bit smaller, a bit less crunchy, a bit more cosmopolitan, a bit less pretty, a bit better restaurants.


rps said...

Meanwhile, here in Cambridge, we are having our first snow. I don't have much experience with snow, in general, but it seems like the first of the season is most always exquisitely beautiful...

Sara said...

Your driver kind of looks like Borat.

Tom Volscho said...

my dad used to have that same exact job before he retired in '04

Kim said...

I've never had someone waiting for me with a little sign. I have, however, felt like I've been wearing a sign that said, "sucker." I seem to be a magnet for the drivers of the black limos at NYC airports. (It's interesting that "black limo driver" in the above sentence would be unclear, if not vaguely racist, but "yellow cab driver" wouldn't be. I guess it's because most Americans don't go around calling people "yellow" anymore, so the assumption is that "yellow" must describe the cab.)