Tuesday, December 12, 2006

when i'm out wandering upon the hills of iowa, i am, in fact, thinking of you

Okay, so my understanding from other blogs is that I can do this as long as (1) the link is only up for a temporary period of time, (2) it is plain I am putting it up noting that it is part of an album that I strongly recommend that you own and mean to be promoting here, and (3) I reiterate that I will immediately remove it upon objection from the copyright holder or any other interested party.

In that spirit, here is an ephemeralink to Dar Williams's "Iowa", the song I believe should be adopted as the official song of my home state.* If you haven't heard it, it's worth a listen. If you don't own any Dar Williams albums, I would recommend Out There Live, which features a live version of "Iowa," over any of her studio albums. Indeed, I am convinced that Dar Williams's fame has been hindered by strange studio production decisions that make the live versions of many of her songs better than the versions she had many takes to work on with professional mixers and producers and such. (Case in point: "As Cool As I Am," a beautiful and catchy song that somehow got horribly polluted by horns in the studio.)

* Whatever the likelihood of my ever actually living there again, my home state will always be Iowa.


Jim Gibbon said...

Here are some comments from my sister on making "Iowa" the state song that she left on my blog after I mentioned your campaign:

"I know Dar and I can’t quite get behind her as an Iowa spokesperson. Maybe I know too much. Could have something to do with her lack of sobriety………but the song is cool.

If this were up for a vote, I think Greg Brown’s “Iowa Waltz” would win. You should know Greg…he’s an Iowa City fixture, along with Bo Ramsey and all those other blues bands. Greg really captures Iowa past and present.

Then of course for the younger folks…there’s always Slipknot’s “Iowa.” Not sure you can really call that a song, but to their credit, they have the most amusing Iowa quote I’ve seen to date:

(pulled from the Des Moines Register 2005- an interview with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor & Joey Jordison)

Q: Do you still live in Iowa?

TAYLOR: Yeah, a few of us have moved around now and then, but we’ve all come back. There’s something about Iowa that just keeps you there.

JORDISON: It’s the state equivalent of the “Death Star” with the big tractor beam.

Suppose he was referring to a John Deere Tractor Beam? You know, the green and yellow ones……."

Gwen said...

I have not lived in Oklahoma in 8 years, but when I refer to "home," I will always mean Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw a concert a couple years back featuring Dar, Mary Chapin Carptenter, Shawn Colvin, and Patty Griffin on stage together taking turns singing songs. A 'guitar pull' as they called it. It may be that Griffin was especially on or the others were somewhat off that evening, but Griffin seemed in a different league (especially when her turn came up and she sang 'Poor Man's House'). All of the performers were enjoyable; but in that rotating format, you could really compare artists in a way that separate concerts wouldn't allow. Having said that, I do like Dar's 'Iowa'.

BerthaMinerva said...

I just listened to it here and now I am going to buy it on iTunes, and I plan to check out some more of her music.

So I hope Dar will send you a little thank-you for introducing her to a few more people, like I'm sure nice Iowa people do.

And for my part I thank you for the gift of Dar.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed by the technology! Jeremy, I'm curious, how did you set this up? I always thought I'd have to subscribe to a service to be able to post songs.

Also, Bertha: Hope I'm not too late, but the common practice on music blogs is to download the song directly from the post (before the link breaks) by right clicking "save link as." Then, per instructions from the blogger, go and buy the entire album from the artist. But do that much later after you've listened to the free song 100x and used it on a mixtape.