Sunday, November 19, 2006

there's, um, obviously a long story to this, but...

(YouTube clip of me, wearing a Mexican wrestling mask, riding a mechanical bull)

"You right-handed?"
"Yes. Is it okay if I wear this mask?"
"Whatever does it for you, man. Hold up your left hand and lean back."

I'm in Dallas. What were you expecting me to do?

Update: BTW, Sal also tried the bull, without the twin cowboy-burdens of a mask and live-action video recording. Here's him being thrown off:

sal, falling off the mechanical bull


dorotha said...

does the longer story involve cranberry and vodka?

andrea said...

the mask is terrifying.

Eszter said...

I would've preferred it without the mask. Why did you wear it?

It looks like you were enjoying yourself. Who knew GAA could be this exciting?

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I'd thought I had a wild weekend... Way to do Dallas, my dear.

carly said...

I'm frightened. Very Frightened.

But perhaps that was the intent?

Anonymous said...

I did not realize there was a video to go with the caption. YouTube didn't come through on the other browser, and there wasn't even a placeholder.

Nice recovery after falling. It was a good ride. Truly inspiring.

I'm glad you wore the mask while riding; it's like it could have been any one of us on that thing!

Let's hear it for the boy detective.

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! Next time (?) you should were your pirate get-up.