Friday, November 17, 2006

honey, i shrunk the boy detective

"My favorite dwarf was Dopey."
"Why must you always be so enthusiastic about stupidity?"
"I didn't like Dopey because he was stupid, I liked him because he was happy."
"There was another dwarf who was also happy. His name, in fact, was Happy. But he was without cognitive deficits, and so he's not your favorite."

So, I was at a party the other night where this exchange led into the question of what your name would be if you were suddenly dwarfinized and sent off to live with the Minificent Seven. A friend chose "Sensitive," which can I just say fits like a glass slipper from a certain other tale.* The question has come up in my company before, and I've chosen "Mercurial" for myself. This time, as the party was not long after my instant-dysclassic talk in NYC last week, I went with "Fragile." Later I changed my answer to "Awkward," in response to my amazing power to radiant discomfort and shyness in otherwise amiable social groupings. Which then put me onto the exercise of complating what would be the seven dwarves in a story where they reside not in some forest but inside my head.

What I decided for my cranial cast: Mercurial, Fragile, Antsy, Awkward, Scattered, HighlyAutocorrelated, and Wandery. Hi, ho! Let me know what you think your dwarf identity/identities would be.

* To the friend in question -- While I don't normally quote Milli Vanilli in bloggerly conversation: "Girl, you know it's true."


A+ said...

There used to be a Disneyworld commercial where they asked people to name the seven dwarves really quickly. I always tried to play along, but would oddly transpose letters, so I ended up with "Dumpy" and "Gropey." I might like being Gropey Dwarf. But not Dumpy.

thistle said...

I was at a talk last night where someone said that graduate school was like being all of the seven dwarves. At first you're dopey and bashful, then you're sleepy, grumpy, and sneezy. Finally they start calling you Doc and you're happy.

dorotha said...

i think you might have different dwarves than those. what about verbose or quirky? impulsive?

Anonymous said...

We were on a google wander, and found your page as one of only 2 pages with the words sussurus and dumpy.
We were hoping for a unique page, so thanks for nothing! ;)