Thursday, November 16, 2006

ill timing

I am going to Dallas tomorrow for the Gerontology meetings*, with some associated other adventures. Yesterday I was a little sniffly, but I believed this would pass. Today, I awaken to a full blown head cold. This is not good. I don't even have anything clever to say in this post, since the sparklingwit gland in my brain is currently besieged by an ambitious green phalanx of congestive forces. Any cold maintenance advice is appreciated.

* No, I am not a gerontologist. Hence the associated other adventures.

Update: Speaking of bad timing, what's with Wisconsin's sociology e-mail server being down all day? Don't they get it? I'm a junkie! I need my e-mail! Can somebody send some e-methodone to my GMail account?


A+ said...

If you're stuffed up: Try to see if you can stand the taste, and down a shot of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar loosens mucus and stuff. Or, if you can't swallow it, boil some with water and do the head-hover-with-a-tea-towel bit. I'm serious, it works.

If you're sneezy/runny nose-y: I got nothin.

dorotha said...

this is not about the symptoms of a cold, but your outlook: try to think of the cold as a reminder to yourself that you usually feel quite well. i almost enjoy minor colds because of this. plus it makes me feel superior to other people when they get all whiny about being sick.

this technique DOES NOT work if you have some sort of stomach thing. those are NO GOOD and you should be allowed to call everyone you know to complain if you spend a single day throwing up. everyone should be required to send you a card.

Lucy said...

My recommendations are lots and lots of zinc* and sleep. I hope you feel better soon.

*I can provide references if you want some bonus placebo effect.

Teddy Love said...

Ohhhh hhh it's a:::ll about Sinu Cleanse aka the Neti Pot

Failing that, I'd go with massive amounts of expensive antibiotics that are sure to produce a hefty placebo effect along with a good old bacterial cleansing that well, may or may not do you any good. That's what I gave up and did last week anyway. Thank you Big Pharma. Ugh, ok, now I feel dirty.
Your pal,