Tuesday, November 07, 2006

by the time he finished his answer, it had actually dropped to being only second stupidest

From CNN.com:
JACKSON, Michigan (AP) -- The party game asked people to name the stupidest thing they had ever done. Police say Jerry Rose answered, "Shot a guy in the head."

Now, Rose is charged with murder and armed robbery in the March 22 slaying of 60-year-old Edgar Hawke.


dorotha said...

that is an interesting understanding of the word stupid. i have done some bad things in my day, but not all of them were stupid. i stepped on a kid's hand and ground it into the floor when i was in kindergarten. the kid was named jeremy gray (maybe grey, i dunno). he called me a fat cow nearly every day. i was walking past, saw him sitting on the floor with his hands behind him and stomped down as hard as i could. that was mean and probably bad, but i do not think it was stupid.

if i shot someone in the head i think it would probably be under similar circumstances. though probably (hopefully) not after someone called me a fat cow. probably the person would have done something worse to provoke me.

Anonymous said...

What do you think Dick Cheney would answer?

And who's that knocking at my do--