Wednesday, November 29, 2006

take one joke, and gun it into the round


I've always liked spoonerisms, ever since I was a kid listening to Metallica's "Pastor of Muppets" CD or engaging the whole "bottle in front of me" vs. "frontal lobotomy" debate. Anyway, my word-of-the-day e-mail (today: pencel) had an ad for this holiday children's book of spoonerisms, so, wracked with insomnia as ever, I clicked on it.

Then I looked at the page and was overcome with this slow, "My God, this is so unrelentingly unamusing that my sleep may be permanently disturbed" eyescalding sensation. It's amazing enough that there are like forty-some stories with names like "The Gnion and the Latt" and "The Loat and the Gyon," but then the site also provides wample sext as tell. It's kind of like imagining how amusing Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" would be if only he'd released the special 630-page original edition. Calooh! Callay! "Loldy-fox and the Bee Thrairs," Yay!

I hate not being able to sleep. I'm not sure easy access to the Internet from bed is good for the forces of slumber (I'll resist backspacing and changing to sources of flumber.)


Lucy said...

I'm quite sure internet access is not good for the forces of slumber.

If you haven't been put off spoonerisms entirely now, this book is actually amusing (or at least, I thought so when I was 10, and it does restrict its spoonerisms to ones that form actual words).

jeremy said...

Yes, I think they should be limited to actual-word spoonerisms.

Jasa Desain Bangunan Online said...

isinya cukup menarikk...
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