Sunday, November 05, 2006

it's all fun and games until somebody cracks a tooth on a diamond

top speed pizzeria
(from a flier I received in the mail yesterday)

"Hi... Can I get your pizza without that stuff hanging from the crust that makes it look like a jellyfish? Oh, and could you also hold the bling? Hold on -- (What? Really? Honey, you already had bling today in your omelet. Fine.) -- Okay, could you make that half bling and half black olives?"


dorotha said...

okay, the stuff about the jellyfish is clearly hilarious, and yet no one has commented. so i am. you are funny, jeremy. for reals. this is not one of my sarcastic, mean comments. you make me laugh.

jeremy said...

Thanks, D.

dorotha said...

the names is dorotha, J.

Anonymous said...

Just can't let it go.