Sunday, February 05, 2006

exit tina & brayden

Pub Sociology has closed its doors. And it had such a cool favicon, too. It will be missed. (So will they, except I presume this isn't the last we hear from them in one way or another.) Sigh.

Are there any surviving blogs that have "sociology" in their title?


Kieran said...

Will you settle for subtitle?

jeremy said...

No! Subtitles don't count!

Anonymous said...

Prairie Sociology

Everyday Sociology

Not Your Typical Sociologist

Mathieu Deflem's Sociology Blog

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Well, she hasn't posted since late December, but there's Everyday Sociology. She has her own domain, you know. And uses WordPress.

jeremy said...

I don't count a blog as "surviving" once it goes a month without a new post, although of course blogs can come back from the dead, as Shamus Khan's did recently.