Sunday, February 19, 2006

crimes of counterfactualism

Nicholas Kristof starts today's NYT column with:
"Suppose that Anne Frank had maintained an e-mail account while in hiding in 1944, and that the Nazis had asked Yahoo for cooperation in tracking her down. It seems, based on Yahoo's behavior in China, that it might have complied."
Call me crazy, but I think Otto Frank was far too smart to have been letting his daughter do e-mail from their Secret Annexe. Not to mention that I don't think Yahoo! would have still been operating in Amsterdam in 1944.


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

This seems like a clear case of the first rule of internet flame wars: The first person to compare their opponent to the Nazis loses.

jeremy said...

I know. You kind of expect more from the NYT, though. Plus, it's just so weird to be asked to imagine Anne Frank typing away on Yahoo e-mail.

astrid jane said...

Damn, isn't that just the worst? Here you've finally got your family successfully hidden away from the National Socialist death squads, and then one of your kids blows everyone's cover on her fucking blog.