Thursday, August 11, 2005

too busy to blog. sorry. not that sorry. and not that busy, either, judging at least from how i went ahead and blogged anyway.

Too bad, too, because there are various interesting things going on, some of which would even be bloggable. Something I learned today: if your cel phone dies after somebody spills homeade Concord Grape red wine all over it, and you take it in to the repair guys, don't bother trying to look like you don't know why it stopped working--you fool no one.

The movers are coming to pack my stuff at 8:30 tomorrow. I'm hoping to actually have most of my stuff packed before they arrive. Due to other, rather maddening circumstances, there has come an extra imperative to economize more in this move, and the professionals charge by the carton.

BTW, I did finally figure out what I'm doing with my car. I'm going to be leasing it to a friend. There are obvious problems that can arise when friends make deals like this. It helps when you have a friend who has no problem talking frankly through all the details of what exigencies could arise and who would be responsible for them. It also helps when, alongside any of that, you also have an economist friend who is not only willing to share with you the proper formula is for figuring out the fair lease price of a car but also who even looks up and plugs in the proper numbers. Thanks to both.


Captain Crab said...

It's too bad tou are not going to drive the car. I had several exciting and interesting suggestions for beating boredom on the long hard drive.

Captain Crab said...

you not tou

nina said...

The car issue is resolved? amen! now, give us updates if you learn that the leasing friend is putting on like millions of miles, recklessly, foolishly, continuously. I mean, you did sing some papers precluding that, didn't you? (bet you didn't... he he)

Anonymous said...

You're actually doing some packing .... this Anon thought way back it would count as exercise, and you sniffed [I'm very sensitive, so I read into it a 'sniff'] that the movers would do the packing. Well, now you see what I meant. Anyway, welcome to the neighborhood!