Thursday, August 18, 2005

from cambridge: sofa sofar

So, I called a couple of the people I know here in Boston, and my friend Karen came over to help me contemplate the sofa situation. "If nothing else," I told her, "bring some objectivity, because I think I've lost all sense of that with this situation." She arrived just as I was contemplating whether I would be able to get it successfully reupholstered if I just sawed it into thirds and moved it up that way.

Turns out, it looks like you should be able to detach the sofa legs (although, it is not certain that removing said legs will solve the problem). The sofa legs are held on by 10 really long screws. Karen and I were able to get 5 of them out, and then decided we needed to go to a hardware store and get some WD40. This helped us get 2 more. So 3 screws left, which we can't get to turn and fear that we are on/past the verge of totally stripping the screws. So, what now? Seriously, I'm calling on the blogosphere for help: if anybody who is handy with these sorts of things has any ideas about how I should proceed, let me know! I don't want to sound desperate here, but I am, in fact, desperate here.


Anonymous said...

Another anonymous Cambridge reader here, though this is my first comment. Perhaps I'll join the merry band of stalkers you've acquired.

Anyway, if you get really desperate, you can try Melo and Sons Upholstering in Somerville: (617)776-6810. They can disassemble your furniture, move it, and then reassemble/reupholster it once it's in your apartment--all in about 30 minutes.

I had this done for a leather couch that was too big for the 1950s-era stairway, and they were great. It's almost worth it just to watch them do it.


Anonymous said...

Dan's comment is absolutely correct. I had to use them too, when I moved into my apartment in Newton. In my case, it took them more like 45 minutes, but still, what's 45 minutes of your life compared to the angst of losing your Pottery Barn couch?

Anonymous said...

So, at this point you have what to lose?? Go for stripping (or not) the 3 remaining screws. Man, I hate a half-assed (disassembly)project. So -- who's moving this up the stairs IF you get the legs off and IF it fits? ~~ Paulette

Anonymous said...

P.S. - I am NOT a stalker. Just an interested party. ~~pj

jeremy said...

Man, why don't I ever get any real stalkers?

I assure that there was nothing half-assed about the screw removal efforts earlier this evening.

I'm considering the Melo option. I wonder how much it would cost.

jeremy said...

hate to let information slip... but most sofas that i've examined break down with a few screws and bolts into some relationship of re-assemblable back, sides and bottom. usually one cannot tell this without untacking the bottom cover, which is usually either tacked or stapled on. once you discern the disassembly possibilities, you might find out that you can just take it apart, move it inside, and then put it back together.....

but... don't tell anyone, it's a secret. the other secret is to use clean tools when disassembling and reassembling furniture.

Anonymous said...


jeremy said...

No, that last another was just another (seemingly sage) person named Jeremy. Despite spending years in trademark court, I still haven't found a way to force everyone else with Jeremy on their birth certificate to use some other name.

jeremy said...

"last another" = "last comment" in comment above

eszter said...

I'm afraid the best I could come up with was to post a note about all this over on CT and see if anyone there has any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Unhang the door you are trying to get the sofa through. Then you can rotate the sofa more once it's vertical, feeding the arms through first then turning.
JamesW as anonymous

Anonymous said...

Try tightening the screws a LITTLE, before you untighten them- hat may free them up. Also, there are 'impact' drivers- tha one hits with a hammer- which then put pressure in the direction in which they're set (much like a socket wrench does- or, rather, like a Yankee screwdriver). With legs off, I'd go with James' "door removal" suggestion, and move it through with its horizonal axis aligned vertically.

Anonymous said...

Muscle & brains. Contact Harvard Student Agencies, and hire two students. Last time I did this I got two Marines who were at the Kennedy School; they moved a horribly huge desk into my house. I stood and watched. -- LH

Anonymous said...

can't you take the window frames out and bring it through the windows?

Chet said...

Titan Movers.

On the Boston side,
every apartment seems
to have your problem.

Basically, if it can
be done, Titan can
do it. Probably,
they have a file on
your apartment from the
last N times they moved somebody in or out.

The Modesto Kid said...

Didn't Douglas Adams address this problem already, in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency?

ringverse said...

Believe it or not, a true sofa moving story:

Years ago we were trying to get a curved 4 seater upstairs in a friends house. Trying to manoeuvre it around the turn in the stairs, we dropped it, and it wedged itself irretrievably in place.

Crowbars, hammers and car jacks couldn’t shift it!
After a full days futile efforts, we ended up extracting it in several pieces, with a chainsaw…

I have treated sofa moving with a healthy degree of respect since then.

Anonymous said...

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