Sunday, August 07, 2005


World: Don't even think you are going to get much posting from me in the next two weeks. I'm exhausted and have a zillion things to do this week before I leave. But, look, someone sent me this in case I ever get homesick for Bucky Badger, the beady-eyed rodent mascot of my university that all of the children of Wisconsin adore.


Anonymous said...

why is one of the badgers behind a shrub? and that is definitely NOT a morel mushroom under the tree.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but someone who enjoys your blog has to say this before you get to Harvard and perhaps embarrass yourself on this point: the badger isn't a rodent, it's a mustelid, in the order of carnivores (others in the Mustelidae family include weasel, wolverine, mink, and otter). They eat rodents (among other things) for dinner.

Yes, I admit I grew up in Wisconsin and thus evince the regional overfondness for the taciturn critter. On the other hand, I went to "the Harvard of the Midwest" (or so some called it, particularly when my eyes strayed to the tuition figures), Lawrence University. (In fairness, I think that "Harvard of the Midwest" line is used in reference to other schools as well, like Carleton and Grinnell and others. I hope Harvard doesn't mind.)

dorotha said...

whoever sent that link seems to be trying to drive you away from the land of the badger. i'm seriously considering reserving a u-haul today.

Anonymous said...

People use the "Harvard of the..." expression all the time. They're wrong. There is no freaking Harvard of anywhere except Harvard. That's why nobody ever says Harvard is the Lawrence University (or whichever) of the Northeast. Let the reputation of your university speak for itself. When people do that it screams out inferiority complex. After all, Yale is never going to call itself "the Harvard of Connecticut." Have some pride!

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 1:23 and I agree with you, Anon 9:24.

I do not refer to my alma mater as the Harvard of anywhere, normally (I guess my intended jocular tone didn't shine through in my comment as well as I'd hoped). I think it humorous that the phrase is used at all, and particularly funny that it is used to describe multiple places competing in the same market.

Note: I'm not aware that any of the schools mentioned use that phrase in any official marketing materials.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear it. I like to be right.

-Anon 9:24