Wednesday, August 31, 2005

and yet, for those unfamiliar with thai phonetics, there is something about the company's name that connotes a certain casualness about air safety

PARIS, France (AP) -- France and Belgium have issued blacklists of airlines prohibited from using their airports, in an attempt to allay public fears about flying after a recent series of deadly crashes.


Thailand's Phuket Airways, one of the airlines banned in France, demanded to know what criteria France used to judge it.

"I really don't understand what is the meaning of unsafe. Unsafe for what? Unsafe for operations or unsafe for what? Because we have never had a serious incident or accident, so I would like to ask back to the authorities what is the meaning of unsafe?" Captain Chawanit Chiamcharoenvut, executive vice president of Phuket Air, said at the company office in Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

LOL - if this was the best name they could come up with we have to wonder what the losing names were!

Anonymous said...

This is just like all those stories about the Chevy Nova in Mexico.