Friday, August 19, 2005

(cambridge) man vs. sofa: the eternal struggle continues

On the advice of a commenter to my last post, I called Melo and Sons Upholstery, who were reputed to be able to disassemble my couch outside-apartment and reassemble inside-apartment in 45 minutes or less. Instead, they are booked through September, although they did offer to take it into storage for me while they worked on it.

However, on the advice of a certain Madame Becquerel, I have succeeded in removing the legs off my sofa and now have these inside my apartment. If you recall, last night I had 7 of the 10 screws undone using a screwdriver. On her advice and encouragement, I hooked up the power drill despite having only minimal drill experience and no real recollection of how I even came to own a drill in the first place, and was able to get 2 more. I completely stripped the last screw trying the same method. But, let's just say I was able to get that one off as well, and without any cosmetic damage to the sofa either.

A friend is coming over in a little while, and we are going to try to move the sofa sans legs in using the more promising route that the movers took yesterday. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what the next plan will be.

You know, this is going to sound completely weird, but I think that ever since I got tenure I have copped this new and will-not-be-so-easily-denied attitude toward things I would have been more likely to allow to thwart me before. I know it has to sound bizarre--and, frankly, not speak so well about me psychologically--for me to suggest that tenure has made that much of a difference, but inferences from different domains of my life, sofa moving included, would suggest that maybe it has.


eszter said...

Congrats re the removal of the bottom part. And good luck with moving the rest.

When you're done with all that, I'd be curious to hear other examples of where you feel tenure has influenced your approach to things. It's interesting though, because in some ways one may predict the opposite outcome. You may think that in your new status you don't have the energy for and interest in dealing with stuff like this. (I realize you have to deal with it to some extent, but perhaps by now you would've arranged to have the sofa pitched.)

dorotha said...

it is a nice sofa. jeremy should use every ounce of his tenured spirit to get it into his apartment. tossing it is a very pre-tenure jeremy decision.

Brayden said...

I have a feeling that getting tenure will encourage the opposite response in me. I'm going to outsource everything. The poverty of graduate student life has made me far too resourceful for too long.