Monday, July 25, 2005

disco forever

I remember when I was in junior high or so I saw this report on the news about a guy who was trying to break the world record for most consecutive hours of disco dancing. The segment showed a clip at the guy at the beginning, when he was showing considerable foot-flash-and-flair, and at the time of the broadcast, when he was in something like his 700th hour and was basically just shuffling his feet back and forth with his eyes half open and an occasional spasm-in-slo-mo arm movement. The latter, I suspect, very strongly resembled what I looked like completing my run this evening. Even waiting until 11:30pm to begin, it is really far too hot and humid outside for someone of my mushy physique to be out there sweatin' to the oldies with my iPod shuffle.


Anonymous said...

There are only 168 hours in a week. If the dude was discoing for 700 hours, he'd be dead.

jeremy said...

Whoa! Since when did one of them thar' folks who could multiply start reading my blog?