Friday, July 15, 2005

a corker

"Why did you bring me a bottle of wine? And why have you already opened it?"
"It's not a gift. I need to dump this out in your sink."
"Why do you have an open bottle of wine that you need to dump out?"
"You're smart, you tell me."
"You started swilling it on the way over and didn't like it?"
"Interacting with you would probably be easier if I did have a few drinks beforehand. But no."
"The bottle is warm."
"Hey, there's a clue."
"It's been in your car."
"You're on a roll."
"You brought an almost full bottle of wine home with you from a party, but then you left it in your car."
"No, I bought two bottles of wine for a party, but only took one in with me and forgot about the other."
"And then you left it in your car and it got spoiled."
"Nice hypothesis, but it doesn't account for all the observed data."
"Yeah, why did you open it?"
"I didn't open it. You think I carry a corkscrew around in my car?"
"Someone else opened it."
"Come on, get your science on."
"You left it in your car and it got so warm that the cork popped off?"
"Ding! Ding! Ding! If this were a carnival, you'd get to choose a prize from the top row."
"Did wine spill all over your car?"
"No, thank God, it was sitting upright. But it is the case that my car now has a bouquet."


dorotha said...

gah! this is what makes you so fun to interact with. you really got your condescension on for that conversation, didn't you? i'm questioning why i defended you in a post last week.

Anonymous said...

Now I AM confused. This conversation takes place on wedding night, or when? Anyway, congrats.

Anonymous said...

... and who is talking to whom (ie which one of you brought the pre-popped bubbly?)

Ann Althouse said...

You were in violation of the open container law. You could have gotten a $212 fine.