Friday, July 08, 2005

academic discipline, or multilevel marketing scam? you decide!

From an e-mailed announcement:
From now until August 30, the American Sociological Association challenges ASA members to encourage their colleagues, students, and others interested in the discipline of sociology to join ASA for 2005, our centennial year. Each current member who sponsors a new member is eligible for special recognition and 2006 rewards.

[...] Any current member who successfully sponsors a new member will be listed
in a special article of recognition to be published in the
September/October issue of Footnotes.

[...] In addition, for every new non-student member you sponsor, you will
receive a $10 discount off your 2006 membership dues.

If you sponsor at least one new member (including new student members)
by August 30, you will be entered into the grand prize drawing to
receive a $500 gift certificate.

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