Wednesday, March 30, 2005

while particular cases like this don't surprise me anymore, the sheer accumulating number of them, to the point of their seeming inevitability, does

(From the NYT)


Anonymous said...

My hunch is that the rate of child molestation is not any larger now than in any previous time frames of our history. Awareness and exposure does not necessarily equate an increase in frequency. Just because people were not reporting molestation does not mean it wasn't occuring. These high profile cases continue to debunk the myth that molesters are misfits, lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce. In fact, I think that myth is about now completely debunked.

Anonymous said...

Tether them with heavy ball and chain
vile wretches to be held in utter disdain
that which iron bars seeks to restrain
cannot the deviant lust contain
t'would be the Collective's gain
to impose castration's pain
verity to smite them, n'er to refrain!
"Oh too harsh" thou would'st say?
how then, tell'th me I pray
should'st we have them pay?
Are they vermin spawned upon their birthing day?
Who or what then made them this way
that with innocent children they do'th sexually play?
N'er my mind shall ye sway
upon the chopping block their genitals would'st I lay
verily their perversion forever to slay!

Anonymous said...

People like this make me furious! He was in charge of the unit that developed our child protection materials. I want to puke. What do we do now? Contact all of the kids' parents and say, "Um, well, gee, you see the guy who helped develop that little handout you have to discuss with your kids on child protection and how to avoid or report situations? Well, he's been arrested for having kiddie porn on his computer. Sorry!" I wonder just how much he was involved in the development of those materials... Ug.