Tuesday, March 01, 2005

one hundred links of bozzitude

Assuredly, a frivolous use of time. But, it was fun looking at the Early Bozzo archives. Now, alas, it's back to drudgery. Specifically, the joys of the rank-ordered logistic regression model await, to be followed by some early morning lecture preparation.

Whilst I used my secret saltation powers to spring up in the sidebar ecosystem, Tom and Oscar have been trying to move each other up the TTLB ecosystem by linking with each other. I tried to help by adding a link to both of them in my footer, meaning they would get a link every time I post, but TTLB is too smart for that. Fortunately, I am too tenacious to be so easily thwarted.

1 comment:

Tom Bozzo said...

Jeremy, you rule! Moreover, this will allow me to test a theory or two regarding the TTLB ecosystem's programming.