Tuesday, March 22, 2005

strategies of appealing to public sympathy, #376: put a kid in front holding a deliberately horribly-done handmade sign


Anonymous said...

Kids are sent out to hustle money for their schools, they may as well be doing this too. God forbid if parents made a kid do some chores for a neighbor to earn some money to buy some food. No wonder they resort to watching violent computer games.

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of when Fred Phelps visited Madison probably four or five years back, and they had six and seven year old kids marching in front of the union holding up vitriolic signs. It was very odd. in the same way that these signs for terri schiavo are.

Goesh said...

What's next, have these politicized children go on a fast in protest over the legal rulings? I fail to see how a cause such as this is in anyway enhanced when such orchestrated theatrics are employed. The first thing that came to my mind was to ask why wasn't this child in school? Most likely this picture was taken after school or on a weekend, but still, it was my first response and I suspect the response of many people. Children should be expected to try their best in school, mind their teachers and parents and do their little household chores. It is enough, then they should play and have fun and not be politically exploited. Esther

Anonymous said...

N'er would'st I suggest Terri be turned into pet food!
O! how I would be deemed most foul, rude and lewd
imagine the Christian Right's murderous mood!
poor LDM would be horrifically booed
even sued

---deleted--- said...

This post is quoted in my general review of the Terry Schiavo case (in French, though).