Friday, August 10, 2007

(ongoing series) lessons i have learned the hard way

3,684. If someone reveals their romantic history includes having dated a dwarf, they will get touchy if, every time thereafter when they are talking about a former significant other, your first response is, "Hey, was that the dwarf?"

Update: Postdated this post to 2008 by accident. Thanks, Nina, for alerting me to the problem.


nina said...

What happened to Friday and Saturday? Don't you like Fridays and Saturdays? That's too sad.

Anonymous said...

Are you asking do "will they get touchy?" My 2 cents:

Yes, because it assumes that the number one characteristic of that person to be remembered by the ex-lover is that they were a dwarf.

If you know someone closely with a disability, it really does tend to blend in the background. You don't think of them first as their disability, you think of their personal traits that make them unique.

I know it sounds odd: how can you "forget" they're a dwarf (or in a wheelchair, say) or downplay that characteristic? But it really does tend to happen like that -- you move past it unconsciously.

jeremy said...

I don't think my post is asking a question. I think it is making an assertion. But I appreciate the two cents.

Anonymous said...

Oops,totally re-read that one.
My bad.

A good lesson to have learned.

Anonymous said...

Misread, rather.

Sorry about that.